Since letting those with money jump queues is as American as mom, apple pie, and establishing military bases in foreign countries, that might not really be an objection. In America, you get what you can afford, whether it’s education, health care, or safe living conditions.

Thus, the response to this objection might be, so you can’t pay $.25/day to read the latest bestseller? Why don’t you go get a job instead of hanging around the library all day?

And it’s not as if $.25/day was a lot of money. It’s only a fraction of what a lot of Americans pay for their lattes every day.

On the other hand, any fee barrier is inherently undemocratic, especially for an institution that prides itself on serving everyone equally.


Speak up for libraries :: Lobby your MP on 13 March


March 13, 2012 at 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Central Hall Westminster, London
Register for this event at: Speak Up for Libraries.
Public library services and staff are under threat from cuts and closures on a massive scale.
During the lobby of Parliament, join local library users, campaigners and staff to help highlight the importance of libraries in providing access to learning, information and knowledge and as a vital lifeline for many communities.
Join the rally and lobby
  • Attend the rally and hear high profile speakers, entertainment and films all telling the same story – libraries are a valued and vital resource.
  • Visit the ‘pop up’ library and see for yourself the many faces of a modern library.
  • Arrange to meet with your MP and tell them now is the time to act to protect libraries.
Please sign up on the Speak Up For Libraries website to indicate that you will be attending or on the Facebook Event page.
See you there!
If you can take yourself out of your first world techie social media smart-shoes for a second then imagine this: you’re 53 years old, you’ve been in prison from 20 to 26, you didn’t finish high school, and you have a grandson who you’re now supporting because your daughter is in jail. You’re lucky, you have a job at the local Wendy’s. You have to fill out a renewal form for government assistance which has just been moved online as a cost saving measure (this isn’t hypothetical, more and more municipalities are doing this now). You have a very limited idea of how to use a computer, you don’t have Internet access, and your survival (and the survival of your grandson) is contingent upon this form being filled out correctly.

Why we should care about libraries (via A Whole Lotta Nothing)

Other than the problematic phrase “first world” (hate “first world problems” ugh!), I completely agree. I believe that this is what libraries need to become. I have spent time helping people fill out forms, find the correct documents, even send an email. I figured out what people wanted through hand gestures. I just think there’s so much we can offer to people from so many backgrounds.

And yet we still have so many accessibility issues. 

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